Why the Morsø Squirrel Series is the most popular small cast iron stove in Britain

Are you thinking of getting a stove this winter? You might find that no matter how much you keep browsing other models, you keep coming back to the Morso Squirrel! There’s a reason the 1400 Squirrel series is the most popular in Britain. Read on to find out why this loveable stove could win you over to become the heart of your home this winter. In this blog post we’ll be focusing on the Morso 1430 Squirrel, which is a multifuel cleanheat version of this iconic stove.

Superior Build Quality

Morso leads the field in the design and manufacture of wood burning stoves, combining legendary Danish flair for design with expert engineering. If you’re looking for excellent build quality and classic design you’ll adore the Squirrel.

Morso Squirrel Wood Burning Stove

Aesthetically Pleasing

The Morso Squirrel is small but perfectly formed. Quintessentially charming, the 1430 has had a few modifications to the original Squirrel 1410 design, but the classic traditional Morsø design still stands, with Morso’s characteristic squirrel motif on each side of the stove.

Strong Performer

The rated output of 4.6 kW makes the 1430 Squirrel ideally suited for small and medium sized rooms and makes a lovely addition to any home, or even narrowboat, garden room or workshop. This top of the range cast iron stove has a very high heat output for its size.

Total Control

With both a primary and secondary air supply, you have total control over the 1430’s combustion rate. The built in airwash system circulates air over the inside of the glass, keeping it clearer & cleaner for longer, giving you a fantastic view of the fire inside.

Morso 1430 Squirrel Wood Burning Stove


Because the stove is multifuel you can use some of the solid fuel products on the market. Whilst burning wood may suit many people, especially if they have a free source of wood or ample space for wood storage, a more compact, smokeless, ultra slow-burning alternative to logs can be useful for modern city living.

Low Smoke Emissions

The Squirrel 1430 has low smoke emissions. Morso have taken the Standard Squirrel stove and added cleanburn technology, allowing you to achieve a higher kilowatt output without increasing the amount of fuel. Perfect if you’d rather spend your evenings enjoying the fire rather than refuelling it.

Boiler Option

The standard Morsø Squirrel range (1410, 1430 & 1435) all have a stainless steel clip in boiler option available. This boiler offers 8000 BTU’s of heat output, enough for a nice warm shower, making it a popular choice with narrow boat owners.

It’s easy to see why this charming stove is destined to represent the heart of many a home. In this blog post we have focused on the 1430, but if you need a DEFRA approved stove for a smoke controlled area, the Morso Squirrel 1412 is the DEFRA approved model of the Squirrel range, whilst the 1410 is the original, unmodified Squirrel design. Visit the Hearth and cook showroom in Exeter to view the Morso Squirrel range and talk to our expert team about which version is right for your home.