Wolf 381mm Transitional Induction Teppanyaki Module

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Ex-Showroom Demonstrator.

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The 381mm Transitional Induction Teppanyaki module is a new way to cook delicious, low fat meals. The versatility of two independently controlled induction zones allow foods to be quickly seared and gently warmed at the same time, with only a small amount of oil.

The Wolf teppanyaki griddle has two 1400 watt induction zones. Use them at different temperatures or bridge them to use the entire surface when you’re cooking for a larger group. The intuitive touch control panel and induction heat also allows for quick temperature adjustments and fast preheating.

The integrated design allows for use with multiple cooktop units for the ultimate in multi-zone cooking.

  • Cook quicker. Enjoy faster preheats and temperature responses with induction heat
  • Two 1400-watt heating zones
  • Utilizes two independently controlled zones
  • Pair the slim 15″ modules with other modules and full-size transitional framed cooktops
  • Enjoy easy clean up  with a stainless-steel surface
  • Program via illuminated touch controls and a convenient lock feature

Technical Details

Height 152 (mm)

Width 381 (mm)

Depth 533 (mm)

Transport Weight 14 (kg)

Heating Element 2800 (Watt)