Wolf 381mm Transitional Electric Steamer Module

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Prepare healthier meals with the Wolf 381mm Transitional Electric Steamer Module in your kitchen. Use it to steam cook all manner of foods, as well as for proofing bread dough, melting chocolate, and slow cooking roasts, stews and soups. Crafted of heavy duty stainless steel, it has a large, 7.6L capacity with two stackable steel insert pans; one solid and one perforated. With the optional basket accessory, it even has sous vide capabilities – think steak or chicken cooked to succulent perfection. The integrated design of the Wolf 381mm Transitional Electric Steamer Module allows for use with multiple cooktop units for the ultimate in multi-zone cooking.

  • Steam meats, grains, and more with the powerful 2700-watt heating element
  • Increases precision cooking as well as the ability to adjust in 1-degree increments with 10 preset power levels for sous vide cooking
  • Melt fine chocolate, proof bread, and more
  • Slow cooks for eight to ten hours
  • Holds steam for more consistent temperatures with the advanced lid seal
  • Pair the slim 15″ modules with other modules and full-size transitional framed cooktops
  • Holds up to 20 cups of liquid
  • Stack stainless steel pans with ease
  • Release full water capacity in just two minutes with an electronic drain

Technical Details

Height 343 (mm)

Width 381 (mm)

Depth 533 (mm)

\Transport Weight 18 (kg)

Electrical Connection 13 (Amp)

Tub Capacity 7.6L

Max Element Power 2700W