Morsø Forno Garden Kit

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Morsø Forno Garden Kit. Next business day delivery if ordered by 12noon.

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The Morsø Forno Garden Kit has all you need to make the most of your outdoor living. We’ve compiled the essential accessories in this kit, based on our own knowledge and experience of using the Morsø Forno oven.

Included are:

The all important Morsø Forno oven (please see below)

The manoeuvrable and sturdy large table which gives you plenty of preparation area and storage

The Tuscan Grill – for use when grilling your food

The Ash Scraper – perfect for arranging your hot coals and blowing extra life into your fire

3 bags of kindling wood so you can get your fire started easily and without the use of chemical lighting fuels.


More on the Morsø Forno Oven…

The Morsø Forno is a multipurpose outdoor oven and grill that will help you take cooking outdoors to a new level. Its cast iron construction creates an ideal environment for cooking a variety of food. You can roast, bake, or grill – meat, fish, shell fish, bread or vegetables all taste delicious when cooked in a Morsø Forno. You can even bake delicious pizzas because the oven’s design works in the same way as an authentic pizza oven.

As well as being a wonderful visual focal point for any patio or garden setting, you’ll also benefit from the warmth that the oven creates.