Morsø Deluxe Gas Grande Package

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The Morsø Deluxe Gas Grande Package has all you need to make the most of your outdoor living. We’ve compiled the essential accessories in this kit, based on our own knowledge and experience of using the Morsø Gas Grande.

The Morsø Deluxe Gas Grande BBQ Package includes:

The Morsø Gas Grande BBQ.

The manoeuvrable and sturdy Tavolo Table.

The Morsø Gas Grande Cover.

The complete set of Culina BBQ Utensils – including fork, turner and tongs.



More about the Morsø Gas Grande BBQ…

This versatile grill is 726mm across and has three gas burners – enabling a host of cooking possibilities simultaneously.

The lid and pan are made from moulded aluminium and the grate from solid cast iron. The Morsø Forno Gas Grande BBQ Grill offers fast convenient barbecue grilling completing the outdoor BBQ experience in style.

The Morsø Forno Gas Grande has an integrated temperature gauge ensuring maximum control. Lids can be kept closed or left open during the cooking process, allowing the irresistible smells of freshly cooked ingredients to linger around your social gathering!

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