Coldline W45 Black Elegance with Stainless Steel.

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Built in Blast Chiller.

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The Coldline W45 Black Elegance with Stainless Steel will bring out the best in your food and preserve it for longer. Blast chilling freshly cooked food to +3°C extends its fridge life considerably, by as much as 70%, maintaining its original quality intact. 

This innovative appliance cools food rapidly which not only maximises the nutrients, cell structures, texture and colour in your foods, but also reduces significantly any risk of harmful bacteria.

The W45 is family friendly and full of possibilities. Featuring compact dimensions and sleek design, LIFE W45 will integrate seamlessly into any kitchen.

Coldline works daily alongside top food and pastry chefs in the most prestigious restaurants around the world, providing the most advanced blast chilling, storage and proving solutions.



Blast chilling, blast freezing, proving, defrosting , storing, chocolate, yoghurt and bottle chilling.


Technical Details

Supplied with 2 racks of 448 x 325 x 32 mm, core temperature probe, sanitiser

Temperatures: -40°C / +45°C

Capacity: 26 litres, 3 racks

Interior measurements: 455 x 349,5 x 178 mm

Cooling capacity: 900W [Evap – 10°C cond. +40°C]

Exterior finish: Glass, Scotch Brite

Ventilation: Adjustable 25% – 100%

Weight: 55 kg

External dimensions: 595 x 575 x 462 mm

Power supply: 220V-240V / 50Hz

Interior finish: AISI 304 Scratch-resistant AISI 304 stainless steel

Display: Touch screen, 4.3″

Refrigerant gas: R 290, GWP 3,3

Packaging dimensions: 620 x 680 x 590 mm

Max. power demand: 540 W – 2.8A

Door hinge: bottom, lift-up door