Keep Food Fresher for Longer with a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Are you looking for an appliance that will keep your precious food and drink stored to perfection and serve your household beautifully for decades to come? Take a look at the Sub-Zero range – more than just refrigerators; this exceptional brand offers a suite of food preservation technologies that guards food’s goodness for longer.

Sub-Zero are the brand that pioneered built-in refrigeration and today you can expect more aesthetic and functional choices than ever. Every Sub-Zero product is built with uncompromising craftsmanship. The range of appliances on offer means you can create a room where refrigeration stands out or, if you prefer, merges seamlessly into the room’s décor.

Sub-Zero’s integrated refrigeration models feature the industry’s most advanced food preservation features. Their thoughtful design means each appliance has no visible grilles or hinges, making it possible for your refrigeration to be indistinguishable from other cabinets and drawers around it. You can choose either the brand’s trademark stainless steel doors or custom cabinetry and hardware; opt for drawers, columns or taller units to suit your needs, giving great flexibility and choice.


For the wine connoisseurs amongst you Sub-Zero’s integrated wine storage is an outstanding choice, offering exceptional wine preservation which protects against the four enemies of wine: heat, humidity, light and vibration. The Sub-Zero wine storage units are available in several sizes. The units have up to three independent preservation zones, so you can store all your wines in one convenient system.


Savour exceptional quality and style in the kitchen and make your trip to the fridge something to look forward to with a Sub Zero appliance. Find out more about Sub-Zero and view working models in a kitchen environment at our Exeter showroom.