The Focus Slimfocus Gas Stove

The Slimfocus is a periscope of flames. Its hearth is either suspended (in which case it can pivot) or supported by a base and fixed in place. Its streamlined shape takes up little space, whether it is positioned centrally in a room, near a wall or in a corner. Its exceptionally fluid lines make it one of Focus’s most stylistically revolutionary fireplaces.

High-performance stove suitable for low-energy buildings

Both the electronic mechanism for the burner and the gas supply system are built into the base.

Operated by remote control (lighting, programming, adjustment, etc.)
Batteries allow continued operation in case of a power cut
The natural gas or propane burner (mounted in the factory) is located under the hearth
Decorative logs (ceramic)

Paint: matt black (standard) or anthracite grey (optional)

The gas burner must be connected by a licensed gas installer.