Focus Grappus

The Focus Grappus successfully combines a high performance stove with innovative design. With a beautiful view of the dancing flames, the Grappus also incorporates an easily accessible wood rack – at just the right height for refuelling. The Focus Grappus was awarded the Etoile de l’Observeur du Design in Paris in 2013 and the Reddot award 2014 (Essen – Germany) and was created by Thibault Désombre for Focus.

The interior of the hearth has three insulating layers (steel + refractory bricks). It is self-supporting and draws its combustion air from outside through the base (making it suitable for low energy buildings). The easily accessible air-intake control allows the combustion of the wood fire to be easily adjusted. The air-circulation system above the glass panel allows the glass to stay clean for longer. A side door allows for easy refuelling. The attachment to the floor is concealed inside the base.