The Focus Filiofocus Stove

Stylish, elegant, functional. This is the Focus Filiofocus.

The pure lines of the hood emphasised by the curved fire basin allow this self-supporting wall model to effortlessly grace many types of interiors.

This self-supporting wall fireplace is equipped with three curved glass panels (two are fixed and one slides open) that act as a fireguard. A heat recuperator takes up two-thirds of the hood, providing exceptional heat exchange.

Described by the architect Sir Norman Foster as “magnificent”, the design of the Filiofocus is the absolute embodiment of elegance. In a brilliant combination of function and style, a telescopic system permits the hood to be raised or lowered over the hearth. The Filiofocus is available as both open hearth and wall mounted versions (non-telescopic), fully glazed or open hearth and in wood or gas-fired options.