Inspirational Focus Fireplaces for lovers of contemporary design

If you love highly individual, contemporary design, Focus Fireplaces are a manufacturer that will inspire. Simply, Focus create truly spectacular fireplaces.

Designed and manufactured in France under the watchful eye of founder and owner Dominique Imbert – Artist, designer, humanist and visionary, these world-renowned fireplaces have been making a statement in contemporary design for many years. The company creates fireplaces that always put beautiful design at their heart, whilst at the same time ensuring the latest in efficiency and practical usability. There’s a Focus fireplace for every room size too, all manufactured to the highest specification. Here we explore three Focus Fires which will make a dramatic statement in any living space.

The Gyrofocus


It was the unique design of the Gyrofocus in 1968 that first bought the world’s attention to Dominique Imbert’s passion for design. The Gyrofocus has won a host of awards (and was exhibited in the Guggenheim Museum in New York) and has become an icon of innovation in contemporary fireplace design. The Gyrofocus embodies that sublime combination of form and function so characteristic of Focus fireplaces. Suspended from the ceiling and pivoting through 360 degrees (easily with a gentle touch), it makes an extraordinary design statement providing both warmth and a wonderful focal point in any living space.

The Filiofocus


Described by the architect Sir Norman Foster as “magnificent”, The Filiofocus is both elegant and sublime. Designed to be placed centrally within a living space the Filiofocus is ideal for medium to large rooms and will add a captivating ambience to any home allowing for a full 360 degree view of the flickering flames.

The wood burning version of the Filiofocus is equipped with three curved glass panels (two are fixed and one slides open) that act as a fireguard and for access to fuel the fire. There is also a gas fuelled version. Both are available in two sizes.

If you like the design of the Filiofocus it also comes in a ‘telescopic’ and wall mounted version.

The Emifocus Hublot


If you’re looking for a Focus Fireplace that would be more at home in a smaller room, then the Emifocus Hublot is worth a closer look.

We love the nautical look of the Emifocus Hublot, which features a glass ‘porthole’ through which you can see and fuel the fire. The simple design of this appliance will sit sublimely on your wall – the flue can be hidden behind the wall for complete minimalistic effect or can be made a feature.

Want to discover more about this iconic brand? The Focus range is extensive and at Hearth & Cook we can help guide you through all the options. Browse our website here or visit the Hearth and Cook showroom in Exeter, open by appointment.